REMIXME inventor and developer York-Patrick Herpers was born in Aachen, Germany, in 1966.

He played in bands, composed songs and produced music since his childhood, but never intended an own music carreer. He studied business administration and marketing, because he always prefered management and inventions. 

Before founding Herpers Publishing International (2005), he worked as a new media consultant (YPH Consulting, 1997 - 2008) for the German music industry. 

Arvato Sonopress, PhonoNet, Warner
Music Germany and edel AG were among his biggest customers. 

His developments include scanner stations for large trading houses, the Music Promotion Network (PhonoNet) and Vendor Managed Inventory Systems. 

As an inventor, author and publisher, he writes books, develops board game books, educational comics or folding coloring books, among other things. 

Since 2017 he lives and works on the Costa Blanca in southern Spain and sells his developments worldwide in more than six languages.